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Roxie Rae’s Close Encounter

It was a Thursday evening in Florida.  Fetish star Roxie Rae was at home changing for a shoot she was scheduled for at 9pm.  The shoot planned had a school girl theme that Roxie Rae knows well.  Roxie Rae is a petite star standing only five foot tall with a size 5 petite shoe.  With her 5″ tall high heels pleaded skirt and black top, it was time to head out and get to this shoot already.  Twenty minutes to go she hopped in the car and hurried down the street.  The moon was s bright this evening she hardly needed headlights. What she did need however, was help with a flat tire.

Four minutes into her drive down a two lane back road Roxie Rae hit a nail in the road and forced to pull over.  She stood outside the car looking at the flat right front tire in disbelief. Ten minutes till nine and still so far to travel Roxie Rae was screwed.  She looked both ways on the road.  No cars coming in either direction.  She got on the phone.

“Hey it’s Rox. I’m stuck on the boulevard with a flat. I’m gonna a little late but I’m coming.” She hung up with the producer.

Pacing outside the car she waited on a call back from her friend who can help her.  The screen would time out and go black and she pressed it again to relight it staring at it hoping helplessly.  Every second felt like an hour. The light of moon suddenly dimmed.  The street became extremely dark. Roxie Rae walked back toward her car to get inside for her own safety when a bright platinum light came down over her.  Roxie Rae could not step any further trapped in the light. Confused and scared she looked up at the light beam.  It was blinding and captivating.  The light felt warm.

Suddenly was a feeling of weightlessness and hit phone slapped the pavement out of her grip.  Roxie Rae was no longer touching the ground. Her body was lifting in the light.  Roxie Rae was paralyzed in the light rising her from the ground.  She suddenly felt a mist moistening her face and everything went to black.  Roxie Rae was captured and sedated inside a UFO.  The platinum was no longer seen and craft vanished in the sky.  The moonlight shined down again now on an abandoned car and broken phone on the pavement only three feet in front of it.

A rush of fluid suddenly hit Roxie Rae’s face awakening her.  Very disoriented she opened her eyes and looked around.  The room was rather dim and her arms were aching.  She looked up to see her wrists were suspended high over her head.  She could make out that their were other in the room always suspended in the same way.  This must have been some sort of holding tank.  A faint harmonic tone sounded and the room begin to hum.  The room was turning.  Suddenly Roxie Rae felt herself rising up the wall she was against. Her body moved through a small channel where she was sprayed with a freezing cold mist.  She held her breath as the mist drenched her.  Her body was then raised into a new well lit room.

Several pale white beings stood in this room watching as she rose out of the floor.  One of the beings approached her and she opened her eyes.  Paralyzed in fear she looked straight him as looked back.  The being made a sound. And she responded quietly “Hello.”  The being responded with another noise. Two more beings approached and began inspecting her.  They touched her clothing curiously and pulled at it as they inspected her.  Roxie Rae was panting and her silent panic.  The beings looked over her closely moving several noises.  One being held up a small wand the size of a pen. A light shined from the device as it lined down her top cutting it from her carefully.  Her eyes widened in fear.  The wand was shined on her little skirt cutting it free from her waist.  Roxie Rae was too overcome to make a sound or even look down.

Her body lifted and white flat platform collected her laying her flat. A being standing near her feet pointed at her stilettos and made a noise.  The others responded and he pulled them.  They came right off with no struggle.  Roxie Rae wiggled her freed bare feet and once again the being made their strange noises to each other.  A thin cord came from under the table surface that one of the being grabbed onto.  He held it over Roxie as it began squirt a clear fluid on her body.  The fluid was squirted on her entire body and of course she squirmed on the sensation.  Roxie Rae could see herself on a screen on the other side of the room from an overhead view as well as several other angles.  A lavender colored light shined on her body.  Her body was showing on the screen in grades of color from blue to red. The beings observed the colors showing on the screen pointing at the different part of her body that were showing as red.  A thin white sheet was place on her body and vacuum sealed down tightly.  Her face was not covered by the sheet but a device was place on either side of her head.

The beings pointed at her feet making noises. One of them used a small tool and cut the wrap off her feet.  She could not see them doing this but could feel her feet free from the tight hold.  Each side of the device at her head glowed a dim red, it was warm.  The beings, now at her feet studied them. Measurements were taken of both feet and a bright perfect white light shined on them. She tried to stay calm knowing something was going to happen. The beings carefully wiped and dried each foot as two more beings approached with a suspicious device for each foot. Roxie Rae’s eyes widened as she felt an itching tingle on the sole of each foot.  Roxie Rae began to squeal!  The beings seemed to be enjoying this reaction.  Long scraping feelings tickled the curves of her arches.  The beings each had a curved instrument that dragged on her soles.

The instrument was sharply studded on the curved surface passing over her sensitive soles.  Her beautiful petite feet tried to wiggle free of the instruments but there was no luck escaping this tickling.  Her soft little soles stretched and wrinkled in the ticklish torment. The studs on the devices came to dull points similar to the ends on a comb. Roxie Rae could feel something pushing between her toes.  They were long studded cords between each toe.  Eight long cords began flossing between her toes in long back and forth sweeps.  Roxie howled loudly trying to pull herself free from the sheet restraint with absolutely no luck.  Her toes splayed and scrunched as the cords flossed back and forth at different angles. Something cold was dripping on her toes.  It was allowed the cords to slide through her toes faster and cooled the surface.  Roxie Rae was in hysterics!

The beings appeared to be very happy to see such reactions from Roxie Rae. They sounded back and forth to each other even more as the laughter continued. Roxie Rae’s arms were sealed above her head. Her muscles were too tired from trying to pull her self free with not a bit of hope. The beings sounded to each other and the tickling stopped.
A being approached Roxie Rae at her side. She looked up at it. It’s deep dark evil eyes looked back at her and then down her body. One of them pointed at the screen, it motioned to the one standing at Roxie Rae. It lifted the small tool from earlier and began to cut the thin layer of film covering her stomach area. Roxie Rae began panting as her slender stomach became revealed. The light at her feet moved up to the new exposed area. More beings approached. She could see them wiping down her stomach now. She knew what was going to happen again.

Carefully her stomach was measured. The belly button was measured. The lengths of each rib. Vertical length. Ribcage width. A clear gel was dispensed and spread over the entire abdominal area. One of the beings raised a hand-held instrument which glowed red on the end of it. This heat gun was held over Roxie Rae’s panting stomach and moved around slowly. She could feel this heat soaking into her skin. The heat gun was taken away. It was time.

A being stood on either side on her stomach. Roxie Rae looked them in their mercy when she felt a force pushing on the center of her back. This force was arching her back making the ribs protrude outward. The red lights on either side of her head lit up and she was suddenly feeling the tickles again. The pair of beings began raking her ribs. Their hands were oddly shaped with hook like fingers. Each fingertip came to a small point.

Roxie Rae exploded in laughter trying to fight her restraints. The being kept to their task raking lines on her ribs. They dragged their fingers in line with her ribs and then changed it up going across bumps of her ribs. Gradually their fingers moved down clawing at her soft stomach. Roxie Rae was dizzy with hysterical laughter as the being dug into the hollow of her stomach. There was not much she could do to stop this torture. Sometimes the finger would claw lower near belly button. Sometimes they would move higher catching the edges of her ribcage. Roxie Rae panted and screamed enduring this tickle torture. A finger was placed by a being her belly button wiggling circles in it. They watched her bursting in uncontrollable heaving laughter.

The being placed themselves in a way where one hand itched and scratched her belly as the other hands raked up her soles. Roxie Rae screamed her mercy as the tickling insanity consumed her. She was losing her mind. Their slender claw playfully itched on her arches. The other claws wiggled hard on her ribs. The sensations were too much. Roxie Rae was losing herself into the beginning of a building orgasm. Her laughter turned to moans but the being would not let up driving her toward a powerful consuming orgasm. She could feel herself swelling and throbbing, her juices flowing as the orgasm captured her.

Covered in sweat and soaked in her own juices Roxie Rae went limp. The beings were satisfied with their certain intentions. Looking at each other making those indiscernible noises, the spot light shut off. Roxie Rae’s face was cover with a moist clothe and her world went dark…

Roxie Rae woke in her car dressed just as she was before the abduction. Disoriented she came to. She looked around and found her phone was several missed calls. It was 10:10pm. She went outside to check the car and the tire was fine. This left her very confused. Did she dream this? Did that really happen? Most importantly, should she tell anybody. For now, it’s staying her secret…

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