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Service Statement by Tommy Tickles

If you are visiting my page I hope you are enjoying my works.  I’m still new to this so expect stories to add on in time.  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from . And please click the poll, help me help you. lol

Tell Me A Secret

It’s amazing what a legitimate mistake can do.  Seriously it’s like slipping in shit and landing in Gold.  I was talking to my friend Stephanie one night online.  We’ve been friends for years but this particular night things were going to get a little different.

I guess before I go any further you want to hear more about her and decide if you wanna keep reading.  This took in 07 so that would make her 24 turning 25.  She’s a brunette with hazel eyes.  A very nice combo I think.  She’s English Italian mix standing 5’4.  Rather in shape, small waist, decent breasts, a butt, shapely legs and great feet size 6.5.  I shapely legs and trust they have always been amazing .  It was first thing I noticed about her way back.  We dated in high school but that was a short lived thing much to my disappointment.  That’s a whole other story and I don’t wanna depress you.

So this night I’m writing about I made a terrible goof.  We were chatting on AIM and I went to send a link to her but I messed the clipboard with a different browser and sent her a tickling picture.  As I saw this photo pop up on our chat window my heart stopped.  I realized I had just done this and could have died right there.

Time passed, maybe 10 or 15 seconds.

Then suddenly “LOL” all in caps.

Followed quickly with “What is that??? haha”

I panicked and then figured play this off and quick.

“Funny right? lol”  I typed and my fricken fingers were shaking.

“That is insane! Where’d you get that?” I still couldn’t get a read on her.

“On the web. You never saw these ever?  I was now going to sell this at her it was my only defense.

“I have NEVER! wow. She’s getting tickled!” She typed and I think I’m gonna be ok.

I sent another picture and I made it was of the same fun not creepy nature.  She again sent a big lol and said she would die in that position.  At this point I was realizing this wasn’t going to be my demise!  I wouldn’t have to move and change my identity!

“You think you’re that ticklish?” I typed.

“I got my mom’s ticklish genes so YES.  I’m deathly ticklish.” She sent back to me.

“Remind me the next time I’m over there!” I figured flirt hehe.

“What to tickle me?” She replied.

“No to tickle your mom!”  I know. I know. lol

“LOL YOUR DORK!” She textually yelled back at me.

So I went for the silly joke here I know but learn something here all you Ler’s that need advice.  What I did there was lay some foundation for my next encounter with her.  I just gave my self a sort of “in” should I get to a position for some fun.

So let’s skip ahead now to the following saturday when I was over at her place.  We in her living room hanging out and I had tickling on my mind.  I was plotting. And I was probly thinking so hard that she could see me thinking. Steph wasn’t wearing anything too crazy, just a tshirt, jeans and sneakers.  Finally I thought to myself fuck it.  I simply reached over gave a little finger itch on her side. She giggled a bit.

“Oh maybe you aren’t kidding.” I teased her.

“Haha No I certainly am not!”  She squirmed.

“All we need is a camera man And we can make our own silly pictures.” I joked.

“Haha you’re the only person I’ve let tickle me really.” She was so flirting right?

“Are we gonna keep this between us?”  She is more than flirting.

“Keep what?” I can play too.

“You tickling me.”  She’s in!

“Ok, I didn’t know I was though.”  Teehee!

She took my hand and led me up off the couch.  My heart was racing but in a fun way. Stephanie laid on the floor and rolled her shirt up a bit. I was surprised sure but I wasn’t thrown off. I climbed on top of her thighs and took her hands and placed them over her head.  She stayed put.  I began dragging my fingers and each side of her ribcage in slow circles.  Stephanie only smiled.

I curled my fingers a little more and made the circles faster and more random and the giggles began.  From there I was on a good drive spidering my fingertips around the hollow of her abs.  The skin of her stomach felt amazing.  So soft with those little tiny girl hairs.  It flexed and flinched with the flicks of my fingers.  Nice alliteration right? Anyway, I began picking at the edges of her ribs. Stephanie squeaked and yelp with every little grab.

I’ve never been a rough tickler. I good like tickling and leaving a girls stomach looking all red and scratched up.  Maybe it’s just me but I think lighter is better.  I did the around the world across her ribs.  Left to right and back and forth, teasing her belly button with my other hand.  Her belly button is cute, small and somewhat tight.  I loved that with her arms stretch over her head, her rib contours became noticeable and her belly button stretch more oval vertical shaped.  She was giggling squirming mess under my fingertips.  I even got down below her bellybutton on the soft curvy skin.  She wasn’t of perfect shape and I loved that.  I was begging me stop.

“Air, need air!”  I was nice and let off for a minute.

“Had enough?” I asked her.

“Try my feet now.” She said like a giggling little girl. So cute.

“If you want.” I unmounted her.

Steph looked around the room and then finally got and sat on the couch.  She told me to lay on the floor by her feet.  What was I gonna not do that?!  I did my part and got down on the floor right where I needed to be.  She had her legs out stretched straight.  Then she lowered them down resting them on my chest.  I could see her feet wiggling inside her sneakers.  I pulled at those laces like I was pulling a bow off the top of a present.  I lifted and help each foot out of their sneakers.

“Socks off?” I was being polite.

“What do you rather?”  She wiggled her toes inside her socks and yea I stared.

“I say off.  It’s better.” No harm in that.

“Oh you have history in this?” She taunted.

“A little bit yea.”  Why not say that? Hah.

I peeled her socks off like two bananas.  I couldn’t wait. I grabbed her ankles with my left hand where my pointer finger was between and my thumb and middle finger clasped the outside of both ankles.  I couldn’t believe I was finally going to do this after all time. I stroked my right hand fingers up both her soles and then back down.  Her feet lifted and her toes stretched.  I stroked back up and then grazed over the bottoms of her toes.  Steph giggled as she looked down on me.  I worked around her delicious looking arches with my nails (despite they are short).  Her feet wiggled and alternated going up and down in the grasp of my left hand.  I teased around her meaty heels.

I don’t know if she gets pedicures but there was no sign of wear on these babies.  I checked around the edges pinching up and down both feet.  She wasn’t dying laughing and but definitely feeling the effect of my tickling fun under her feet.  I was figuring at the point she must be enjoying it because she’s not yanking away.  I put my wrist on her heels and itched under her toes.  Stephanie was champion among lees and I was proud (and really turned on).

“If I tell you a secret will you tell me one?” Steph looked down asking.

“Sure, what do you got.” I was still lightly stroking.

“You look really cute down there tickling me.” She said looking like an angel.

“Well thank you, and I like being down here too.  I love tickling you.”  I managed to say.

“I think you have a little fetish.” She said in a sexy voice.  Or at least it sounded sexy for her putting  the word fetish in there.

“Yea I do. As you can clearly tell.”  I blushed.

“I have one little secret to add though.”  She said quieter.

“I’m listening.”  Holy hell say it!

“I’m not ticklish.”  She said losing her laughter just smiling.

It was like the boat just lost its motor.  I continued tickling and yea she wasn’t kidding. Yes I felt embarrassed at this point.  I didn’t know what was coming.  I got nervous.  I got worried.  The seconds it her to speak again felt like hours in my head.

“Though I’m not ticklish.  I still love how it feels.” She said that dragging her big toe across my lips and I kissed it.

“So don’t get up, your telling me.”  I was shocked.

“Not until your done.”  I would responded back but there were toes in my mouth.

One hour and one FJ later I got up and returned the favor.

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Train Station Situation

In the early part of 2008 my very good friend got involved with a stripper. We were at the club and we got talking to her. She lived fairly close to the town we lived in. The two of them were hitting it off amazingly and I couldn’t tell if she was just playin the game. But at the end of the night they exchanged phone numbers and I knew it was for real.

They began seeing each other exclusively. For a stripper, she is a very very normal girl. Several times we all went out to dinner. She liked us cause we didn’t treat her like a stripper, like an object. One friday evening, I picked her up so we could drive to the train station to pick him up.

Normally I’d give her an alias but being she has a stage name, I’ll just use her name which is Erin. She’s a short little thing only 5foot tall. Cute girl, cute body. She reminds a little bit of Addie Juniper. When she’s not in her stripper gear, you would never think she was one. So I picked her up and off we went. We got to the train station and I checked the boards. Everything read as “On or Near Schedule.” I got back in the car and we had no choice but to be patient.

“So you guys gonna swing by my work again soon?”  She asked as a surface chat.

“Eh, probly at some point.”  I wasn’t gonna commit to a date.

“Do you have a favorite there?”  She was curious.

“Favorite girl? Jeez I don’t know maybe Cassandra.”  I spent money on her the most.

“Wow really?! She’s so flat chested though.”  Erin laughed.

“Eh, yea I’d say so.”  I replied.

“You a butt guy?”  She asked.

“Nah, more like a leg and foot guy.”
Normally I wouldn’t cough that out but I know she’s heard it all before.

“Oh wow, yea we get them occasionally. That’s cool. You like mine?”
It was really like nothing to her.

“From what I saw at the club sure.”  What was I gonna say, no?

“Well here, get a look.”  She was toe heeling off her sneakers.

I was trying to tell her she didn’t have to but she was going with it. I didn’t resist too much. She thumbed off both socks and threw her feet in my lap. Ok yea I admit they were sexy feet. I remarked on them and she told me a story of another guy who like em that came in the club. Finally she said-

“You know you can touch em, we’re not in the club, no bouncers here.”
Which was a tempting enough statement with toes wiggling.

“Well I didn’t wanna assume since your dating my bestfriend.”
Fair right?

“Oh please we aren’t fucking, its just my feet. Touch em its ok.”
I guess when your a stripper, you are callused to men’s gropie-ness.

I laid my hands on them. Back of my mind was watching for a train pullin in. But I went on and began groping around her feet. Not massaging, not tickling, just touching. Erin has size 5 feet. Lovely little arches that creep up her instep. So I had to check- I itched a finger on her closer arch. Her little foot twitched and she squeaked. I laughed and itched a little again.

“Easy tickle fetish!”  She laughed.

“How’d you guess?”  I admitted to it.

“You foot guys are all alike. If you wanna tickle me, we’ll figure out some payback.”
She wasn’t phased.

“Sounds fine to me.”  Animal instinct really takes hold.


With that my right hand locked down over her ankles. My left hand went to work right away on her two bare soles. I scribble my finger tips up her soles and into the hollow of her arches. Her feet twitched and wiggled. She laughed so hard thrashing her head back and forth but never actually fought me. I picked her toes sparodically and stuck my fingers between them. Then itching down her soles.

Fingernails dancing on those yummy arches. Erin squealed and laughed so hard. She cursed at me alot but I didn’t care. She offered and I accepted. I wiggled my middle and pointer finger on the balls of her feet and then slide them down and then swiftly back up. And then back down and itched my way back up. Erin was suffering from hair in face laughing hysteric syndrome. It’s common among girls with itchy soles. “You owe me big time.” She managed to snake out through laughters. “I know, I know. But it’s cool.” We both saw the train coming. So she threw her shoes on quick and brushed her hair. By the time he got to the car she had caught her breath completed.

Later on that night after dropping them off and finally returning home. I went to grab a bottle that was empty on the floor when I saw something. Erin had left her socks on my car sort of under my seat. I picked em up and unraveled them from their little balled up knots. I took an inhale. It smelled like her and now I had to find a way to get them back to her…

Happy Birthday!

If you are reading this and you didnt read “Got My Chance,” then hit the back button and go find it first. Come back when your caught up.

Now if you stayed around, let’s continue. I thought about what experience is a good one to tell about cause like you I as well hate when you click a story link and the story is about 3 sentences long. I want to at least tell you something worth reading.

So, this experience took place in February of this past year. You know where this is going by the thread title. It was three days before my birthday and I was off from work that week. It was a snowy time of the year to be off but that’s fine cause I have polar bear blood. I was watching some hockey when my phone lit up with a text. At the commercial break I checked it, and it was Mandy! This is was a big thing cause I hadn’t heard from her in weeks and I wasn’t sure what was up. We go back and forth texting, “Hey how are you?” and all that catching up conversation.

Finally it comes to-

“What are you doing for you birthday.”
Now I had some this and that type of plans but nothing I couldn’t rearrange. I text back.

“Why you have a plan for me?” One minute later she writes-

“Well if your free, I’m available.”

Now let me do a little background thing here. It had been quite a while since I got to have some fun with her so I wasn’t sure if that stuff was even still on the table as an option. But hey I’m a guy and somewhat shameless so I gave it a stab.

Thumbs blazin-

“Do I get a birthday present?”  Minutes pass.

“What do you want? ”  Smiley face was a good sign.

“You know what I want. lol”

Gotta throw the lol on there as a back up plan for a joke incase this goes poorly. You can always joke it off as something different if need be. And believe me more than a few times I’ve had to back myself out of that hole over the years.

My phone buzzed.

“Which is..” Damn she’s gonna pull this out of me.

“I wanna make you laugh.” Pressed send.
3 minutes passed. They were long minutes too.

“Ok I can swing that. When?” Thank god she wrote back.

“I’m off the rest of the week so you tell me.”

“Friday I’ll be home at 1. So come over at 2.” She wrote back.

“Cool. You rock.”

“Ttys bday boy.” And the deal was set.

So I skip now to friday at 2:10, I’m at her door. She lets me in and we hugged and chatted and all that happy bff type crap. She was sporting fuzzy thick black socks and jeans with a sweater top. Her hair was down and she looked gorgeous. I guess an hour passed with us just hangin out in the living room catching up and I was getting edgy. I had spent the time talking and peeking at her sock feet wiggling and shifting. I didn’t know how to just start it bluntly and I wasn’t if she was gonna start it for me. Finally I had to do something. Fairly obviously I began HUMMING the happy birthday song.

She caught right on to my hint laughing.

“Is it that time?” She giggled.

“I hope so, I am after all the birthday boy.” I had to play this angle.

“Ok let’s go up stairs then.” Mandy was already standing. I got up too.

We made our way up to her room.
“So how do you wanna do this.” She looked around.
“I guess you lay down.” I was actually a bit nervous but I was cool and damn ready to do this. Since our first experience I tickled her lots of times but this time felt different. She sat down on the bed and began to toe off her own socks but I stopped her.
“Don’t worry about that. I got it.” I lifted her ankles to get her up on the bed. I grabbed her desk chair and put it at her feet. I sat down and thought to myself ‘here we go.’ I lifted her socked feet and brought them closer.

I put my face into her soles and moved my nose around. I heard her lightly giggle. I loved moving my face and around her arches and feeling her toes wiggling around on my forehead. While I was doing this my finger was finding its way into the top of her left sock. I slid my face up and nipped on the tip of her sock to help slide it off. Always my favorite part, the unveiling. Perfect little foot and actually no nail polish, just clean bare toes. I rubbed my thumb on the pad of her big toe. I petted her bare foot for a moment and then looked to get that sock off the other.

This is a fun move. TRY IT: I pinched the clothe tip of her sock at the toe and lifted her foot juuuuust enough. I then scribbled my fingers all over her arch until her resistant wiggled the sock right off her foot. It’s not a massive move but a fun different way to get that pesky sock off.With these wonderful barefeet before me now I tugged them a little closer.

I asked her “How do you want me to hold you.”

She joked- “With chains!”

I asked  “Do you have handcuffs?”

“Noooo.” She booed out.

I took off my belt and she struggled a little. “Hold on, its not that bad, don’t worry. That looked harsh.” And relaxed a bit. I slipped my belt around her ankle like a slip knot through the buckle. I put her two socks around her ankles and made the belt slightly snug. Enough the I could now hold the belt end, and have both feet right there.

“Now relax cause if you tug the belt with tighten more. So don’t bug out.” I laughed.

“Ok ok, I’m ok.” She squirmed.

I held the belt locked ankles up and used my other hand sliding my fingers slowly up her soles. I got to the top of her arch and circled them back down. Through fits of laughter she said. “Never would have bet I’d be doing this today.” “And I love you for it.” I added in. I began itching up the center of the two arches. I was prying between the two as they wiggled and twitched. She laughed with no embarrassment.

Mandy wasn’t a loud hardy laugher but she does have nice proud sort of laugh. I don’t know if that makes sense but I noticed some girls have a rather shy laugh. For a few minutes I concentrated purely on her toes. Poking at them and lightly pinching at them. I dug between them. At some point in there I switched hands to try out my other hungry hand. Working her arches just as much. Spidering my fingertips allover her smushed arches. She pulled and pulled at her makeshift restraint with no result. I continued my ticklish assault on her beautiful soles. After 20 minutes I gave her a rest. She was clearly tired and sweating.

Mandy wasn’t mad at me for going a little too crazy on her but she was trying to tap out. She kept saying happy birthday sarcastically and I told her this was the best present I ever had in my life. I felt bad so I gave her an option.

“Well we still have a half hour to go in this awesome present sooo… If your tapping out, you can either [A] let me try your stomach for the last half hour, or [B] move on from tickling with your feet.” She called out for choice B immediately. So as a good boy I ceased my tickle attack for the afternoon and began indulging my foot fetish with her. Either option was a victory for me, and my foot loving let her come down to earth as well. Arches taste so yummy after a nice fingertip workout!

Got My Chance

I will start from the beginning which was 9 years ago when Mandy and I first met at the end of high school. Over time we became pretty close friends. We talked alot at night on the instant messenger (back when that was cool). I told her of my foot and tickle fetish over the messenger cause I had way more balls when I typed it instead of speaking it. She reacted the way alot of girls react, kinda laughing it a little and declaring her own ticklishness and phobia to it. Alot of girls do that. “Oh my god, I’m too damn ticklish!” yada yada

So yea, ya wanna hear about her I’m sure. We all look for the stats of a lee when reading. Mandy stands 5’7″. She’s 26. With that touch of Italian genes she has that naturally tan skin. Long light brown hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts are not the biggest (maybe a B, I’m not sure). To me, she was more known for her Kardashian type of ass and fantastic legs. Thick shapely thighs and calves with incredible feet. They are a size 8 with medium length toes and tremendously high arches. Theres a little freckle on her right arch that I love. Some guys dont like it but she wears glasses and I LOVE that personally.

So ok, moving along now. Mandy and I always went out on weekends when she was single. I know anyone reading this is thinking why didnt I ask her out. I tried the “feelings game” with her way back and it didnt go well so I left it alone and kept her as a friend.

Around this time of year three years ago. We made our plan to go out and have dinner and drinks. It was nothing unusual. This particular was pretty special I’d later experience. We finished up at the restaurant we were at, paid and left. I was driving of course. We had a place we drove to, to park and chat and smoke cigarettes. Been there a thousand times. What happened in this parking spot I never saw coming!

Maybe a half hour into being there Mandy changed her position slightly in the passenger seat. She slipped one of her black leather heels off and put it kind of on my armrest area. My heart skipped a beatt. And she looked at me just then.

“Do you absolutely PROMISE to be nice?” She asked me with a nervous look.

“Of course, how long have you known me?” I was feeling outside my own body.

“I think you in some way kind of deserve this.” She blushed.

I still to this day remember feeling almost numb when she did this. I was trying to collect myself and keep a cool face as I accepted my gift. I took her ankle and brought it to my lap. With my right hand I got a nice hold on her shinn. My left hand crept up on the sole side of her lovely ticklish foot. When my fingertips made the first contact with the sole of her foot. She let out the cutest yelp and her foot jerked at the ankle. I hadnt even tickled yet! I didn’t want to scare her so I didn’t launch an attack yet.

“Holy shit.” Mandy laughed.

“Tickles?” I teased

“A little bit yes.” She managed.

Watching her face I slowly began making circles with my fingertips around the arch of her foot. She held eye contact and I could see the squirming resistance in her eyes. I love that! I went from circles to a more up and down motion. I could feel her foot twitching and weaving over my fingertips. Mandy was holding off the laughter as best she could, but you know how that gets turned into little puffs of air and tiny sounds and squeals. Those are just as fun if you ask me. I ran a single finger underneath her toes back and forth and her hand squeezed my bicep and her face was turning red.

I began swirling that same finger around and down the sole over her arch and then she lost it. The laughing dam was broken and out it came. My attack became more intent. I scribbled up the arch with a few fingers. Her cute little foot danced and twitched and fought with me but I give her credit, she never yanked it away. She laughed so hard her glasses were sliding off her face.

I tickled her fun little foot for only about 15 minutes which I know is ENOUGH to all you torture freaks out there but for me it was years in the waiting and fan-frickin-tastic. Here’s the best part for me. After that she said “Ok, now the other one.”

I felt blessed.


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